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Interested in Georgia State Universities? Advice You Need...

Ahh, Georgia universities on my mind...

The birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as famous singers like RAY CHARLES, LITTLE RICHARD, TRAVIS TRITT, and TRISHA YEARWOOD, and legendary baseball players TY COBB and JACKIE ROBINSON, the state of Georgia is rich in culture and history. Nicknamed the "Peach State" because of its reputation for producing the highest quality peaches, this Deep South environment is also thriving with unique educational opportunities, thanks to Georgia state universities.

When making decisions pertaining to your academic future, it's important to seek advice from the experts, so that's exactly what we did. Mike Augustine, director of admissions at Georgia College & State University (GC&SU, Milledgeville, GA), offers some advice to students considering universities in Georgia.

Q: Is there anything that makes the application process for Georgia College & State University or other Georgia universities unique?
A: Each of the Georgia state universities handles admissions differently. Some have set minimums, and if the student meets the minimums, he/she is admitted. Other schools, such as Georgia College & State University, use a holistic review process, where each student file is treated as a portfolio, and the admissions office goes a few steps beyond grades and test scores. This is to identify students who will comprise a diverse and talented class, and make unique contributions to the university.

Q: What do you look for in a student application?
A: The first thing we examine is the student's curriculum and the rigor of that curriculum. Has the student tried to challenge him/herself to the highest level possible? Next, we look at standardized test scores, and review the student's essay and any additional items, such as a resume of activities and/or letters of recommendation. We primarily look for students who have traits and characteristics that will make them a good fit for our school. Perhaps the applicant has evidence of leadership skills, or other special talents, strengths, and experiences that will make a positive contribution to the campus community.

Q: What are some things that "turn you off" when reading a student's application?
A: Each of our staff members have different pet peeves when it comes to applications and supporting credentials, but my primary "turn-off" is when an application or essay indicates that the student doesn't really know much about my institution. I like to see signs that a student has done his/her homework, and exhibits a strong desire to attend GC&SU.

Q: How do you define a well-rounded student?
A: I define a well-rounded student as someone who has balance in her school life; who is serious about academics, but does not necessarily treat school as an all-consuming quest; who has a reasonable amount of extracurricular activities to which she is dedicated (not just a long laundry list of clubs joined, but solid activities in which she has experienced increasing involvement and responsibility); and especially, someone who has done things that indicate she is giving back to her school and community, as well as simply enjoying her high school years.

With the vast variety of Georgia state universities, the state offers a wealth of amazing opportunities for prospective students. As Augustine says, "In my opinion, why go anywhere else?"