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Indiana State Universities Embody What College Life Is All About

When you think about college life, you hope for comraderie, meeting the best friends you'll ever find, vast campus activities and opportunity, and innovative learning. You'll find all that and more at the top Indiana state universities.

What is a Hoosier Anyway?
A Hoosier is a resident or native of Indiana. And, of course, it's also the name of Indiana University athletics teams. But as any student will tell you, being a hoosier is so much more than sports.

From even before you begin attending IU, you'll have the opportunity to experience what life there is all about if you take part in the Hoosier Overnight Student Team (HOST) program. Designed to give prospective students a taste of life on campus, it allows you to essentially be an IU student for a day. Students dorm with a host student in a residence hall, attend classes, meet professors, and take part in campus activities.

Even more interesting, is IU's Reach program, which are specifically geared toward African American, Latino, Asian American, and Native American high school sophomores. Because diversity is such a big part of college life at IU, multicultural students who rank in the top 20 percent of their class are often recommended by their high school counselors to take part in Reach.

If you do decide to become a student at Indiana colleges and universities, you'll marvel at the cool perks that await you. The Indiana University, Bloomington health center, for instance, offers its students free fitness assessments (body fat analysis, strength and flexibility testing, blood pressure gauging, cardiovascular endurance testing) And should a student require additional services, nutrition counseling, smoking cessation counseling, massage therapy, physical therapy, and a "Healthy Weigh" class are also available.

Changing the World
Beyond the Hoosiers of IU, there is a wealth of educational options among universities in Indiana. For those that choose to attend Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU), there's also the chance to help make the world a better place. The school manges two programs, "Upward Bound" and "Academic Enrichment," which identify high school and fourth-grade students, respectively, who are likely to not go on to college. Working alongside local, state, and federal agencies, IWU student encourage at-risk youth to start thinking about college. Secondary education majors get even more hands-on by tutoring these students at their schools for free.

Keeping Students Safe

Elsewhere at Indiana universities, students are working hard to prevent panic in case of a campus or national emergency. Inspired while researching the potential Bird Flu outbreak, Purdue University has created an e-mail alert system that will keep parents and students informed and prepared for emergencies.

"We want to ensure that parents and students receive the latest, most accurate information available about any emergency on campus," says Jeanne Norberg, director of the Purdue News Service. "The system will be used only when there is a major event involving public safety."

Think college life at Indiana state universities is for you? Take advantage of ways you can learn more to find out for sure.