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Idaho State Universities: A Gem of an Experience

Idaho may be known as the Gem State for its wealth of natural resources; ask a student who attends a university in Idaho and he/she may say it's called that due to the high-quality educational opportunities in the state. Attending Idaho colleges and universities means that students can enjoy everything from championships to case working for charities. Read on to find out how recent Idaho students have been spending their time outside of the classroom at Idaho state universities.

Extracurricular Champions
Students at Idaho state universities take their extracurricular activities seriously by competing, and winning, on a national level. At the University of Idaho (UI), both the men's and women's snowboard teams won second place overall in the 2006 U.S. Collegiate Ski Association national championships, with individuals grabbing first-place prizes in two other events.

But UI's winning streak isn't limited to sports. In 2005, the school's student newspaper, The Argonaut, was named "Best All-Around Non-Daily Newspaper" in the Mark of Excellence contest sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. And other students have been recognized in competition for exceptional achievement with their majors. Sophomore and dance major, Celadon Wood, was recently named as a runner-up in the 2006 American College Dance Festival's national competition. She was also the first UI student was invited to perform in the Gala Performance at the American College Dance Festival Northwest Conference.

Academic Aces
Extra curricular achievement is definitely the norm at Idaho universities with students receiving recognition for putting their scholarly skills to use in competition. The Speech and Debate Team from the Albertson College of Idaho recently won the Northwest Conference Division II Championship for the seventh straight time. The win was even more unusual because the team received first place in all three divisions of the competition.

Young orators are not the only students to stand as top dogs in Idaho state universities. The financial whizzes from Albertson College's Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team, were awarded first-prize in the 2006 regional competition "Duel in the Rockies," allowing them to advance to the national competition "Duel in the Desert."

Students Who Care
It's not enough for students at Idaho universities to study hard, they also want to help their communities. At Idaho State University (ISU), students have taken the time to help the people of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As of February of 2006, young men and women from ISU's College of Pharmacy had raised over a thousand dollars to donate to New Orleans' Xavier University College of Pharmacy. Members of ISU's Catholic-student group, meanwhile, volunteered with Operation Helping Hands to spend a week aiding New Orleans survivors in rebuilding their homes. What's more, these students helped raised money for the event by putting on a concert, and even painting a basement!

Students at Idaho state universities are able to spend time not only on their studies, but on teams and charitable efforts. If you're interested in this kind of challenge, continue your research into Idaho colleges and universities and all of the extra curricular and scholastic opportunities they offer.

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