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Idaho Colleges and Universities

When you think of Idaho, the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is potato. It's true that Idaho may be one of the only states with an entire commission dedicated to a starchy vegetable, but that's a fact that makes Idaho an all the more interesting state, especially when it comes to pursuing an education with one of the universities in Idaho.

But first, let's continue the potato talk. The Idaho Potato Commission is a state agency with many responsibilities, such as -- you guessed it -- the promotion of Idaho Potatoes. Who knew? If you're a marketing major at one of the various universities in Idaho tired of shilling cologne or the latest tech gadget, why not opt for an internship in the state.

Idaho colleges have many placement programs should you want to pursue an internship. Among its many other interesting quirks, the Idaho Potato Commission is funded by a tax levied on all Idaho-grown potatoes, which is currently set at 10 cents for every 100 pounds of potatoes.

Enough vegetable banter -- you've got to know that a state famous for putting one of America's favorite foods on the table every day is also a state bursting with agricultural opportunity. Interested? Many Idaho colleges offer spectacular programs in just the field.

In addition, Idaho has it all -- from deserts to raging rivers and Rocky Mountain canyons to lush green pinewoods to Idaho universities that provide stellar courses. It's the perfect location for people looking to have a little fun, or better yet, earn an education at one of the Idaho universities. Why, you ask? Read on ...

Part of what makes Idaho universities so alluring for many is the three main cities it holds within its borders. Remarkably, Boise is one of the nation's fastest growing metropolitan areas, which is a great spot for new graduates of Idaho universities. Boise offers a variety of scenery, indoor and outdoor activity, and great restaurants. Which is where you budding chefs come in. How great would it be to break from the traditional answer to the question, "New York or LA?" Try saying Boise, and see what sort of attention that garners.

Also worth noting is Idaho's northern resort town, Coeur d'Alene. This spot is one of the few cities that attracts year round tourists and students from universities in Idaho. In fact, it's one of the world's top resort destinations for its sparkling lakes and green pines. Students from universities in Idaho sometimes go there for spring break. What better place to put your degree in hotel and restaurant management to work than an area that attracts millions of people every year?

Number of Idaho Colleges and Universities: 691

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Idaho

  • Workshops to earn credit for classes are offered to students at Idaho colleges

  • Open house to kick off spirit week for Idaho colleges

  • Junior fishing derby and logging competitions

  • Horse shows and fundraisers on campus

  • 5k and 10k runs around or off campus

  • Financial Aid for Students at Idaho Colleges
    State Aid Agency: Office of the State Board of Education
    College Prepaid/Savings Program: Ideal Idaho College Saving Program (Idaho 529 Savings Program)

    Popular College Majors - Health and Allied Services, Business and Commerce, Social Sciences and History, Engineering and Engineering Technologies, and Arts.
    Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board