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Home is Where Hartford Is

Even if you're not from the aesthetically pleasing state of Connecticut, attending a college in Hartford, Connecticut will have you feeling right at home in no time. From the city's diverse art scene and ethnic restaurants, to its easy access to the entire eastern shoreline, attending a Hartford university will make your upcoming college life ultra enjoyable.

Hartford colleges are abundant and offer an array of educational programs and degrees. Thirty-one towns make up the Greater Hartford region, and private and state universities, as well as community colleges, abound across the region. There is really a Hartford college to accommodate any future college student.

The city, situated on the Connecticut River, was once a prominent agricultural and trading community and has evolved into a bustling city rich with cultural and ethnic diversity. It boasts the charm of traditional New England, with colored countryside and a sophisticated attitude, but has developed its own spunky character as well. While the city is in the top six percent of North American regions known for their arts scene, its nightlife and restaurant scenes are something Hartford is also well known for. Aside from the nightlife, attending a Hartford college is a great way to access the city's surrounding shorelines and rolling greens, which can be biked, hiked and kayaked.

The city was once home to the famously brilliant Mark Twain, who resided in a 19-room Victorian mansion in the Hartford area, where he produced many of his famous works. The region is also home to the oldest public art museum, the Wadsworth Athenaeum, as well as the country's oldest published newspaper, the Hartford Courant.

If you attend a Hartford university, family and friends would be apt to visit, as there is a wide array of activities to keep them occupied. In your free time, you'll also have time to explore the city's vibrant arts and music scene, or take a drive to Philadelphia, New York City, or even Vermont, which are all within a few hours of Hartford.

Attend one of the many Hartford universities and see for yourself why noted economist Richard Florida named Hartford one of the top 20 cool places to live and work.