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Have It All at a Charlotte College

Getting an education at a Charlotte University combines the warm southern hospitality of North Carolina with the exciting opportunities of a modern, world-class city. Known as "Queen City," students at a Charlotte college can expect to immerse themselves in a dynamic community that offers the best of both a tranquil, serene setting for study, and the excitement of urban life. With over 35 Charlotte universities, there is never a shortage of opportunity for students, both in the classroom and out.

Business Brains
Teeming with economic activity, students at a college in Charlotte, North Carolina have access to the fruits of the city's 594,176 residents, from night spots like bars, restaurants, and clubs, to intellectual stimulation in the city's museums, art galleries, or live music venues. If you've got a brain for business, studying at one of the Charlotte universities might be the right move for you, with its high emphasis on banking and finance. With approximately $1.1 trillion in assets, the city is the second largest financial center in the entire country and money-minded students at Charlotte colleges take full advantage of these resources.

Charlotte Breaks a Sweat
Of course the sports enthusiast interested in attending a Charlotte college knows full well that the city has a long-standing tradition of outstanding athletics, with the most recent addition of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA franchise which was started in 2004. For those students at Charlotte universities who like to keep their eyes on the up and comers, popular AAA teams like the Charlotte Knights or the Charlotte Checkers, the local baseball and hockey franchises, are sure to provide weekend excitement.

The Nation's Restaurant News recently named Charlotte as one of the "Top 50 Cities that Sizzle," and even though that pertains to food, it is certainly not limited to it. Between the center city's booming business, the world class shopping that is always at a student's fingertips, and the laid back community spirit that is so integral to southern lifestyle, studying at a Charlotte universitiy is a surefire bet for a A+ academic experience.