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Get Your Degree With Honor at Tennessee State Universities

As you embark on your education at Tennessee universities in what many deem an amoral society, you may be concerned about ethical issues you'll encounter. That's why it's important to choose a school that matches your morals, and will allow you to graduate not only with honors, but also with your own personal honor intact. Check out these Tennessee colleges and universities that can help you in your higher education pursuit.

In the Catholic Tradition
For students at Aquinas College (Nashville), honor is defined in terms of their Catholic faith. Named for St. Thomas Aquinas, a renowned Dominican theologian, philosopher, and patron of all Catholic institutions of higher education, the school's primary purpose is to provide an atmosphere of learning permeated with faith, directed to the intellectual, moral, and professional formation of each person.

How does this kind of honor play out in students' daily lives? At Aquinas, all classes begin with a prayer or spiritual reading. And, as at other Tennessee universities, students commit to serving others through programs such as the Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas project. This past year, students, faculty, and staff adopted 70 angels, donating presents to children who might not have had a Christmas otherwise.

They've Got It in Writing
An honor code permeates every aspect of life for students at Tennessee state universities such as Sewanee: The University of the South (Sewanee). During orientation, new freshmen sign the code, affirming that they will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those acts. As part of that affirmation, students write the word "pledged" on all their assignments, promising that their work was done according to the standards of the honor code.

"Students are often surprised at the significance of the consequences associated with what is viewed by them to be a minor indiscretion," comments David Lesesne, Sewanee's dean of admission. "Copying a roommate's lab assignment or downloading a paper from the Internet may seem like an acceptable shortcut when faced with the reality of time-specific assignments, but at many colleges those acts can get you suspended or expelled."

A Christian Commitment
Belhaven College (Memphis), which is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, prepares students academically and spiritually to serve Jesus Christ in their careers, in human relationships, and in the world of ideas. Each academic department is committed to high academic goals for its students and clarifies the implications of biblical truth for its discipline. The curriculum emphasizes personal values and constructive attitudes toward work, other people, and the quality of life.

In addition to a strong liberal arts program befitting Tennessee state universities, the school provides an atmosphere in which students can find purpose and meaning in life. By developing servant leaders who value integrity, compassion, and justice in all aspects of their lives, the college prepares people to serve, not to be served.

Do you desire to serve others, and earn an exceptional education? Universities in Tennessee can help you get your degree with honor.