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Get Spoiled at New Jersey State Universities

Now that you're ready to leave your parents' nest, you wonder, "Who's going to spoil me now?" New Jersey -- that's who! With its many day-to-day offerings -- student activities, parks and recreation, cultural and art exhibitions -- the schools will also personally grant you perks.

Spoiled Students at Universities in New Jersey
Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ) gives all its undergraduate students a laptop computer. These laptops are compatible with the school's wireless Internet system, and students can even keep them after graduation if they so desire. Seton Hall's Stillman School also has a Center for Securities Trading and Analysis that allows students to have a real-world Wall Street trading experience. The program's site comes complete with a stock ticker, Web cameras, video and other interactive multimedia features.

Seton Hall students aren't the only undergrads at New Jersey state universities getting hands-on experiences. Journalism students at Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information Systems (New Brunswick, NJ) learn by doing. For instance, students in public relations courses have actually promoted the annual Raritan River Festival alongside instructor and PR powerhouse Liz Fuerst.

Amazing Discoveries at New Jersey Universities
Because of the extra-added attention and perks, some could say that students at New Jersey state universities are rewarded so well that they've been extra motivated to do amazing things like start up useful businesses, discover spreads, and cure diseases.

Meg Whitman, CEO and founder of eBay (the mega addictive auction Web site), is a Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) alumna. She also created pBay, which is just like eBay but with Princeton exclusivity.

Research scientists at Rutgers University almost discovered something even more significant than eBay. They caught the nation's attention in December 2004 when they revealed they were close to finding the cure for HIV by inhibiting reverse transcriptase. Though the cure is still being worked on, what the university did accomplish was the creation of Cheese Wiz, the delicious cheesy product we put on crackers.

Centered at New Jersey Colleges and Universities
New Jersey's got the best of all worlds. From the suburbs to the urban locales, the state's got all of your bases covered. If you attend Rutgers University, you're literally 45 minutes away from Manhattan, 45 minutes away from Philadelphia, and 45 minutes away from New Jersey's shore points.

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (Pomona, NJ) is less than 15 minutes away from the casinos and boardwalk of Atlantic City, and Ramapo College of New Jersey (Mahwah, NJ) is a 15-minute bus ride away from the Big Apple. No matter what your mood calls for -- city escape, low-key to bustling towns, relaxing sands -- this state is your oyster.

Interested in being spoiled at New Jersey universities? Take that excitement into your college research and find out everything you can about prospective schools in New Jersey and what they have to offer. If mom and dad can't spoil you anymore, let the state schools of New Jersey do so. In turn, make New Jersey proud by applying the skills you learn.