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Georgia Schools Offer Endless Education Opportunities

From early entrance and study abroad programs to a language enrichment program for homeless toddlers and preschoolers, these Georgia schools offer invaluable education opportunities--inside the classroom and out.

Georgia schools provide unparalleled study abroad opportunities.
When you study at the University of Georgia (Athens, GA), your education extends beyond the Peach State--the university offers more than 90 study abroad and exchange programs to 37 different countries. And students at this Georgia school certainly take advantage of these tremendous opportunities. The University of Georgia ranks 9th among the top 20 research universities in the number of students studying abroad, and 2nd in the number of students who travel on short-term study abroad. Nearly 29 percent of the school's undergraduates are involved in some form of international education each year. Why not consider globetrotting with this Georgia school?

Georgia schools provide opportunities to make a real difference.
Graduate students in the communications disorder program in Georgia State University's (Atlanta, GA) College of Education are going above and beyond degree requirements: they've committed themselves to enriching the language and lives of Atlanta's homeless children. Through a twice-weekly language enrichment program at the Atlanta Children's Shelter, students at this Georgia school teach homeless toddlers and preschoolers common phrases, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and other basic language skills to prepare them for school. After seven months in the program, 50 percent of the preschoolers were able to identify the first letters of the alphabet, compared to none at the start of the program. These Georgia school students are truly making a difference!

Georgia schools provide opportunities to get a head start.
The Honors College at the University of West Georgia (Carrollton, GA) is home to the Advanced Academy of Georgia, which is one of only about 12 U.S. programs that allow gifted and talented high-school-aged students to earn concurrent high school and college credit while living on campus in a full-time residential program. Students from Georgia and beyond (including other countries) typically apply for this early-entrance-to-college program for during their sophomore or junior year of high school. The Academy is not a high school; it is part of the Honors College at this Georgia school. The early entrance program allows Academy students to take honors classes, whose small sizes provide an optimal environment for learning and academic mentoring.

For students at these Georgia schools, world-class education experiences abound. And, of course, there are more Georgia schools to explore beyond this quick list. Will you take advantage of the opportunities?