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Georgia 2 year colleges: Techies, Corpses, and Planes...Oh My!

So, you're not into the idea of a traditional four-year college education. Maybe you don't have the time, or maybe your financial situation is a bit sticky, but whatever the case, keep your chin up. There is still hope for you, and the countless others who choose to take the less time-consuming continuing education route at Georgia 2 year colleges. There are a number of 2 year colleges in Georgia to choose from, and at each of them, there are several unique and interesting programs available. Read on to learn more...

Calling all Techies!
Dreaming of a career in the ever-changing world of technology? Check out the Interactive College of Technology (Chamblee, GA; Gainesville, GA; Morrow, GA), which has three Georgia campuses. This 2 year college in Georgia is teeming with advanced hands-on and interactive learning opportunities in the popular field of computer programming, as well as in other related positions. You can earn an associate's degree in engineering repair technology, office technology, or computer information systems technology, and don't forget the super low tuition costs it'll take to get you there.

You're going to school for what?!
Some call you unusual, others say you're unique, but you really don't care. Your dream job involves working with dead people. OK, so that's putting it bluntly, but if funeral operations and services are your passion in life, then check out the Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service (Atlanta, GA). Aside from the best in funeral service education and training at this Georgia 2 year college, you'll also have the opportunity to hear guest lecturers already in the field, and take a variety of trips with other students to gain field experience. You may even get the opportunity to work part time in a funeral home while earning your degree, if you plan far enough in advance.

Ready for take-off?
Georgia Aviation Technical College (GAVTC, Eastman, GA) is the only Georgia 2 year college that offers advanced training in the field of aviation. You can start taking classes now, and in 2 years or less, you'll be flying high in the career of your dreams. GAVTC offers several degree and certificate programs in the aviation field. You can study aviation maintenance, structural, or operations technology, or you can focus entirely on flight technology to earn your commercial airplane technical certificate or your flight instructor certificate, among others. Whatever the path you decide to take, this 2 year college in Georgia has what you need to get your wings.

Believe it or not, Georgia 2 year colleges have even more to offer the prospective college student. With the wide range of programs and course offerings, you can find the degree or certificate program that's right for you at Georgia 2 year colleges. Learn more today!