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Generous California 2 Year Colleges

California 2 year colleges offer more than just fun in the sun. You can get an education amidst a gorgeous landscape at one of many 2 year colleges in California. Aside from the state's bustling movie industry, trendy towns and cities, beaches up and down the California coast, and desirable weather, its many schools provide students with personal help as well as academics, awesome planned events, and hands-on learning experiences.

Student Aid at 2 Year Colleges in California
Students at California 2 year colleges not only receive an education, they also have a reliable faculty at their disposal. For instance, at American River College (Sacramento, CA), staff members are made available to serve students' complaints, grievances, and other matters.

Al Ghoston, the school's student grievance officer, helps students who feel they may have been wronged in any way. Upon filing a grievance using the proper procedures and forms, Ghoston determines if the grievance is grieveable. Students can appeal if they're initially denied.

Pam Walker, on the other hand, is the school's sexual harassment officer. She investigates and attempts to resolve all complaints from students and staff related to sexual harassment.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity at a California 2 Year College
College will prove to be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. California 2 year colleges add to those experiences with special events for students to enjoy.

This year, students at Antelope Valley College (Lancaster, CA), a California 2 year college, had the pleasure of meeting nationally known poets Quincy Troupe and Wanda Coleman. Thanks to the college's Honors Program, Alpha lota Society, and Academic Affair, all event sponsors,vthe accomplished writers participated in a public poetry reading followed by a book reading for Antelope Valley College students to witness and enjoy.

Troupe, a poet who's also a New York City editor, has written 10 books, two of which -- "Snake-Back Solos" and "Miles: The Autobiography" -- are American Book Award winners. Coleman. who frequently teaches in Europe, also authored 20 books, including "Bathwater Wine," for which he received the 1999 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize.

Putting Skills Learned at California 2 Year Colleges to Work
At Bakersfield College (Bakersfield, CA), students can put the skills they learn at school to work in real life. The school's Workplace Learning Resource Center, for instance, provides individuals as well as corporations the necessary tools to work smarter and meet organizational objectives through workplace assessments, basic skills instruction, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, training and development, and organizational consulting.

Once students have undergone the program, they can apply the lessons to advance in the business marketplace, advance in terms of salary, and enhance their rsums.

Interested in attending a 2 year college in California? With benefits and perks such as faculty help, organized events, and applied learning modules, how can you resist? Not to mention, Hollywood, the ocean, and sunny weather -- who wouldn't want to consider a school in this state? Research California 2 year colleges to see what else the golden state has to offer!

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