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GEDs vs Online High School Diplomas

So you never completed high school, but you're trying to get there now. There are many options these days, but it may seem a bit confusing. It's important to have either a high school diploma or GED to begin higher education at any school and it's even essential for most jobs. Here's the breakdown on what the GED and online high school diploma really mean. See which is the best option for you...

What the GED is and what the GED does...
The General Education Development (GED) exam groups five major subjects together so that students may earn this high school equivalency to prove they have at least high school level skills. Although not the same as a traditional high school diploma, the GED does help individuals seeking employment to find a better job than those without a GED.

The GED tests five subjects, which include Language Arts (Reading), Language Arts (Writing), Math, Science, and Social Studies. The entire series takes about seven hours to complete and once you have received a passing score on each section, you have fulfilled the requirements to obtain your GED.

Approximately 98 percent of colleges and universities accept the GED, while 96 percent of companies that require some sort of high school credential for the job take the GED as well. More than 17 million people have earned their GED since its creation in 1942.

Who is eligible to take the GED?
You must be at least 16 years of age and not enrolled in a high school program in order to take the GED. Adults who never completed their high school education can take the GED to prove their credentials and skills. According to the American Council on Education (ACE), which administers the GED exams, only about 60 percent of high school graduates would pass the GED on their first attempt. That's why the GED is best-suited for those who have been working for some time and have extensively prepared for the exam.

How do you get a GED?
The GED is given at approved GED testing centers throughout the country. It is not available online at this time. The easiest way to find a testing center near you is by visiting

The Online High School Diploma

What an online high school diploma is and what an online high school diploma does...
An online high school diploma is comparable to a traditional high school diploma, except coursework is completed strictly online. As long as the online high school program is accredited, you will earn a diploma that is the same as a traditional high school diploma. This option may be perfect for those who require a flexible schedule or who want an alternative to traditional high school.

Who is eligible to earn an online high school diploma?
Some high school age students who wish to get a different kind of high school experience are eligible to enroll at an online high school. Additionally, students who have health problems or trouble focusing in a traditional high school setting may find it beneficial to take advantage of distance learning. Some adults who wish to complete coursework through an online high school diploma program may do so by going through the entire experience.

How do you get an online high school diploma?
Finding the right online high school program is essential to your success. It is important to look at factors like accreditation and requirements before you enroll. Also, you should think about this option long and hard before you jump to any decisions. Earning your online high school diploma can often be a difficult task without the guidance of a teacher instructing you. Only those who are extremely serious and independent should consider the online high school diploma route.