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Fun, Sun, and Study at Orlando Colleges

Fun, sun, and studying all come together at an Orlando university where the energy of the city fuels many students in their educational endeavors. From reading a book on the beach and web-surfing at an outdoor cafe, to drawing inspiration from the buzzing nature of the city, the experience of an Orlando university is hot in more ways than one.

All-Weather Education
Whether your interest is in a two-year degree or a traditional four-year degree, Orlando colleges can meet your academic aspirations. Thanks to Florida's State Board of education, some Orlando colleges can now offer four-year baccalaureate degrees in particular fields, offering students native to the Orlando area the option to begin their college careers locally rather than leaving the atmosphere they have come to enjoy.

Rattle and Hum
If you like being part of an eclectic crowd, attending a college in Orlando, Florida might be the right choice for you. With a population of 185,951, Orlando is one the most popular tourist attractions, and there is never a lack of excitement and community at an Orlando university. After all, with 52 million tourists a year, the nightlife remains bustling constantly, and students are treated to new faces and experiences year-round. If you're a fan of larger-than-life fun, weekend thrills are always right around the corner at Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios theme parks. Naturally, when they're looking to dry off and relax, students at Orlando universities can enjoy more mature social activities at the many restaurants, bars, and clubs located in the city.

An Easy Escape
Of course, when the flurry of activity becomes too much, there are plenty of quieter areas of the city to retreat to for some peace and quiet. Known only to the locals or those that attend an Orlando college are hang out ares like the Reedy Creek Improvement district, where you'll find fellow Orlando college students to meet and mingle with and you won't have to deal with the traffic of the city's more touristy areas. If you're the homebody type, remaining on campus at Orlando universities is the perfect way to stay in your own insulated world of books and brains, and leave the sand and splash for the weekend.