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From Oklahoma State Universities to Stardom

At Oklahoma state universities, students and faculty are impressive. Just consider what Oklahoma has brought to us -- an American Idol who values an education, talented faculty who lift spirits, and scholarships to exceptional students.

Famous Oklahoma
Follow in the footsteps of Oklahoma native CARRIE UNDERWOOD. The "American Idol" attended one of the many universities in Oklahoma. She recalls the College of Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK) as being a wonderful time. Although she was extremely shy her freshman year, after joining the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, her sorority sisters managed to bring her out of her shell.

And get this -- her sisters would always try to make her sing everything. The modest pop star was quite embarrassed, at the time, but now who's shy? Care to go the Carrie Underwood route to one of many Oklahoma state universities?

Oklahoma has also shot out many other musicians into the world -- even before Carrie hit the big stage. Remember COLOR ME BADD, the four-member R&B boy band from the 1990s? How about FLAMING LIPS, the alternative rock group? They were all based out of Oklahoma City, OK.

Spiritual Spotlight at Oklahoma Universities
Did you catch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" this past March? The particular episode took place in Dewey, OK, and Oklahoma Wesleyan University choir director Dr. Steve McCollum directed the university choir in an arrangement of "Oklahoma" (you know, Roger's and Hammerstein's famous song) with Dan Foster, professor of music at OWU. Along with a choir, the two added a blaze of spirit and joy to the quiet country setting of the town.

The two-hour special focused on Danna White and her late husband. During the show Oklahoma Wesleyan University president Dr. Everett Piper presented the White children full tuition scholarships. After being connected via computer, Danna (who was offsite) expressed how thankful she was and acknowledged that it was her late husband's dream for their children to attend a fine Christian university. The wonderful gift from OWU was a dream come true for the family.

Go Big at Oklahoma Colleges and Universities
Many consider the student life at Oklahoma universities a blessing. With small-town friendliness you wouldn't ordinarily get at urban locales in store, some schools like Northwestern University (Alva, OK) also encompass big-city student activities.

In fact, Northwestern University runs the rewarding, as well as entertaining, Miss Northwestern Pageant, a contest that grants scholarship incentives to the title holder among other great prizes.

If there's a star in you that's just waiting to burst, Oklahoma state universities should be your next destination. From Carrie Underwood to guest spots on reality TV to winning a beauty pageant (with scholarship money awarded), universities in Oklahoma seem to be producing fame for its students and faculty. Think you've got what it takes to become a superstar student? Research Oklahoma colleges and universities today!