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Free Tuition at the University of Texas

You've been planning and preparing for your University of Texas experience for ages. You know which school you'd like to attend, what you want to study, and which housing option is right for you. One question remains: How will you pay for it?

Since you're planning to attend a school in the University of Texas System, you could be eligible for its free tuition program. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

In a bold initiative, the University of Texas System has announced plans to bridge the tuition gap for students who need it most. Specifically, seven of the nine Texas colleges (Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Pan American, Permian Basin, San Antonio, and Tyler) in the system have pledged free tuition and fees for Texas residents from families with an income level of $25,000 or below. Note: This is a substantially lower income threshold than what has been set by wealthier public and private colleges with similar programs.

The remaining two universities, Brownsville and Dallas, are still considering joining the initiative.

Once you complete the FAFSA and qualify for the program, the University of Texas has promised to provide state and university scholarship sources for any portion of tuition not covered by federal Pell Grants.

To ensure eligibility for the free tuition program, you must attend one of these Texas colleges full time and complete 30 credit hours each year. Most of the University of Texas schools also offer corresponding academic and social support programs, and require that you maintain a 2.0 minimum grade point average.

At some of these Texas colleges, the program is open to incoming freshmen only; at others, free tuition is available at all grade levels. Most of the newly announced programs will launch in the fall, though the program at Permian Basin is open to incoming freshmen this spring.

Even if you don't qualify as one of the neediest students, be aware that the cost of tuition is already covered by grant aid for more than two-thirds of dependent students at public four-year Texas colleges.

No more barriers -- free tuition at the University of Texas awaits!

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