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Florida Colleges and Universities

If ever there was a quintessential college state, it's Florida. Not only is the "Sunshine State" warm and welcoming, its educational landscape is just as hot. With Florida colleges that range from public and private, large and small, students can find their perfect fit.

With so many big college towns Miami, Tallahassee, Gainesville, etc. the state's brainpower is phenomenal. That's why those interested in technology and science are so attracted to universities in Florida. Imagine studying space and then visiting NASA's Kennedy Space Station in Cape Canaveral. Or taking a field trip to snorkel a coral reef with your marine biology classmates!

Because Florida is so vast -- it covers more than 65,000 square miles -- there is high potential to succeed in a number of professions. In addition to Miami's multicultural mecca of minds and money, the cities of Tallahassee and Jacksonville are also booming with new business opportunities. Additionally, Orlando, with its grand reputation for all things "touristy," is a home away from home not only for Mickey fans, but those who aspire to hotel and hospitality greatness at one of the many Florida universities. And with Florida's numerous ports, the culinary internships aboard cruise ships are unique and valuable ways to start a smooth-sailing career.

For history and architecture enthusiasts, Florida presents an eclectic mixture of Spanish influence and tropical paradise. Miami's Vizcaya Musuem & Gardens, for instance, boasts Italian Renaissance architecture that is a sight to behold. Wander further south and you have the Florida Keys as a hot get-away from the books. Students attending the Florida colleges can take strolls on the same beaches as Hemingway, and study his literature in a way you never imagined! From north to south, east to west, the state's history offers much in the way of captivating tales and inspiring feats for students enrolled at Florida colleges, and can inspire promises of even greater advancement.

The social scene at universities in Florida is sizzling as well. Thanks to beautiful beaches, parks, and great shopping, Students at Florida colleges are able to forge a scholastic style all their own with an active social life to match. The climate is conducive to comfy campus gear, and quick-changes into swimsuits for finals-week-is-over celebrations are the norm for many students. With all that studying, you need a break sometime, don't ya?!

Why not consider Florida for your college endeavor? It boasts so many super characteristics high-quality public, private, and independent universities; popular sports teams; and tremendous learning opportunities all amidst a culturally rich backdrop of a tropical and intellectual wonderland!

Number of Florida Colleges and Universities: 3,529

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Florida

  • Conferences bringing together college students and administrators from Florida colleges to discuss college-related issues

  • Internship programs for students attending universities in Florida at the Florida Aquarium

  • Students from Florida colleges can join volunteer outreach work with churches

  • Disney World visits

  • Alumni and students of Florida universities can go to barbeques
  • Financial Aid for Students at Florida Colleges
    State Aid Agency: Office of Student Financial Assistance
    College Prepaid/Savings Programs: Florida College Investment Plan (Savings/Investment Program); Florida Prepaid College Plan (Prepaid Tuition Program)

    Popular College Majors - Health and Allied Services, Business and Commerce, Social Sciences and History, Engineering and Engineering Technologies, and Arts.
    Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board