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Florida 2 Year Colleges Will Get You More Than You Think

Dispel the notion that you've just got to have that traditional four-year college experience to be competitive in your chosen workforce, and you'll stumble across a large gold mine of educational and career opportunities.

Now consider 2 year colleges in Florida, and you've hit the jackpot: sun and surf, and a wide array of great two year schools that offer courses and degrees in everything from biology to baking.

Aside from the atmospheric benefits of attending a 2 year college in Florida, academic benefits abound. Thanks to Florida's State Board of Education, a Florida 2 year college can now award four-year baccalaureate degrees in selected fields. This means if you prefer to attend a 2 year college out of high school and ultimately decide you like the school, you have the option of continuing on to the bachelor's program if it's offered, without the hassle of transferring to a four-year campus.

The selected fields that Florida 2 year colleges offer degrees in vary from nursing and teaching to fire science technology, a unique program offered at Florida Community College at Jacksonville. The new bachelor's degree, which has been offered as an associate degree for the past 15 years, helps to meet the need for advanced public safety in the post-9/11 age. "In response to community need, our mission has now broadened to include career, technical, continuing education, charter high school and baccalaureate programs," says President Steven Wallace.

Almost all Florida 2 year colleges will accept previous college credits, so for those of you who took some courses, then took time off and eventually decided to head back to school, your credits will apply. If you decide to transfer to a four year school, the same applies.

Two year colleges also benefit those that decide to work full time right out of high school, as many classes are offered at night (and some on the weekends). Or, if you've been in the workforce for a while and are interested in taking some courses, 2 year colleges in Florida are a good fit because they will allow you to test the college waters without giving you too much of a financial burden.

On that note, there's also the fact that 2 year college courses cost significantly less than traditional four year programs. Average annual tuition at public community colleges is about $2,000, according to the American Association of Community Colleges.

Many 2 year colleges also have a strong relationship with local community services and businesses, who often like to hire local graduates, so there are some great career opportunities if you're looking to stay local after school.

Two year colleges are ideal for those who may not have a definite career goal by the time they graduate high school, or for those who are unable to meet traditional college entrance exams.

Whatever your reason, choosing a 2 year college that's compatible with your needs is becoming easier than ever. If you're thinking of joining the 11.6 million students enrolled in community colleges around the country, consider a Florida 2 year college and have access to an amazing outdoor playground and a long list of educational and career opportunities.