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Find the Best Reference Sites in Your Online Reference Library

When you head off to college, you'll soon find that space is limited, especially for that old-school 26-volume encyclopedia set. So what's a college student in need of reference tools to do? Make these reference sites your favorites to help you get through the rest of your high school curriculum and college core requirements.

Whether your heart is set on art, or you just need to take it to fulfill requirements, Red Studio, The Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) Web site for teens, is a cool spot to cyber-explore modern and contemporary art. Developed by MoMA in collaboration with New York City public high school students who participate in the Museum's high school programs, the site includes cool interactive reference tools, like "Remix," which allows you to make a collage.

Calling itself the "amusement park of mathematics," this site aims to prove that math can be more than just a GPA buster. From math career profiles and study guides for math topics, to brainteasers and cool graphics based on trigonometry, the reference tools on this site all add up to a must-click for math mavens looking for helpful reference sites.

Budding Newtons, get your mouse ready. At, one of the leading reference sites, you can read up on the latest scientific breakthroughs, get in-depth knowledge on everything from condors to the San Andreas fault, and hopefully do as the site claims and increase your science IQ with a new fact each day.

Perhaps the most vast subject area you'll study is history, so how are you supposed to remember all the details? When test time rolls around, SparkNotes History study guides will assist you in overviewing topics by breaking down the important dates, people, and details involved. Once you've been refreshed by these reference tools, test yourself with study questions and quizzes.

Don't know your Chaucer from your Shelley? If English literature is in your future course schedule, this powerhouse site is more than simply a companion to the print version of "The Norton Anthology of English Literature" (which English majors know all too well!). Review the lit periods, print PDFs of some of the greatest works, and see if you can conquer the multiple-choice quizzes.

Never fear, oh studious students, help is out there in the form of online reference sites and reference tools. So leave those big books at home because all the answers you need are just a click away in today's high tech educational world.