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Enrich Yourself at a Minneapolis College

As one of Minnesota's famous twin cities, Minneapolis is an ideal location for your college education. At a Minneapolis university, the opportunities are endless, and the environment is certainly a friendly one.

Interested in the arts? Minneapolis colleges offer plenty of educational opportunities for students who wish to earn a degree in the arts. As a student at a Minneapolis college, you can visit the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, which is regarded as the upper Midwest's premier art museum. Admission is free, and the exhibits are excellent. There's also the Wells Fargo Center, an arts exhibition center that features the best in modern art. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is located right in the core of the city's thriving arts environment, and offers unique programs for its students, such as the Split Rock Arts Program - an intensive summer series of workshops that focuses on visual arts and design, creative writing, and overall creativity enhancement. Students who choose to participate in this Minneapolis college program will work with well-respected artists and writers from around the world.

Do you relish the idea of pursuing your studies in an environmentally friendly city? If you do, you'll be happy to know that Minneapolis colleges are located in one of the top ten greenest cities in America. Minneapolis is known for its clean air and water, renewable energy use, recycling programs, parks, and greenways. And, for all you business-savvy students thinking of attending a Minneapolis college, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) named Minneapolis one of the top business districts in the country for environmental friendliness and praised the city for its efficient commuting style. With its environmentally conscious carpooling commuters, and over 80 miles of bike paths and lanes, the people of this industrial area know how to respect Mother Nature. Citizens and students at Minneapolis universities know to steer clear of certain streets during the spring, as the annual Spring Street Sweep gets underway. For four weeks, public works crews sweep every inch of the city's 1,100 miles of streets to help keep neighborhoods clean and waterways protected.

At a Minneapolis university, you can enrich yourself artistically, educationally, and environmentally. For students at Minneapolis colleges, the opportunities are plentiful, and the campuses are clean. If you're considering a college in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then start your information search today so you can be sure to get the most out of your higher learning experience.