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Discovering Degrees in Washington D.C. State Universities

Universities in Washington D.C. possess the same exciting, cutting-edge, and rapid-paced lifestyle that their surrounding environment does. After all, they're located in the political heart of the country. But Washington D.C. state universities aren't just for those political science majors out there. There's much to study besides the government -- our nation's capital offers up educational opportunities to suit every goal. Not only is D.C. where many decisions are made about the future of this country, but it's also a great place to be while making important decisions about your own future.

Find Diversity in D.C.

Students at Washington D.C. state universities have the benefit of studying in a contemporary, fast-paced environment where they can earn everything from a bachelor's in politics to a doctorate in English. Universities in Washington D.C. like American University, Georgetown University and George Washington University (GWU), offer curriculum that is as diverse as any other state in the nation. Obviously students particularly interested in subjects like political science, international diplomacy, government, and history will find Washington D.C. schools to offer incomparable curriculum in those fields.

Weekends in Washington
When you decide to leave the library and explore the streets of the city, you'll never be at a loss for things to do. With such a rich culture and history, there's plenty to do, learn, and experience on a day-to-day basis. On the intellectual side of things, you've got attractions like the Smithsonian for arts and other cultural exhibitions or the International Spy Museum for the secrets of espionage. Of course there are plenty of bars, nightclubs, and music venues, and top-tier entertainers from all around the country continually flood the city. Whether you're catching a set a downtown comedy club, watching your friend perform at a nearby theater, or meeting up with family for a bite to eat, all of the cities' many offerings are minutes away from your doorstep. For sports junkies, the Washington Nationals -- the newest team in baseball -- offer hometown pride for all students at Washington D.C. universities.

Quaint College Life with a Big City Twist
Students at Washington D.C. colleges and universities get to live in one of the most livable cities on the East Coast. Plenty of fine dining, shopping, learning, and entertainment as right around the corner, and there's always a way to pass the time away in between study sessions on the weekends. Washington D.C. universities provide quaint campus life in the midst of a great city, which is perfect for college living.

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