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Delaware 2 year colleges: Something for Everyone

Simply nicknamed, "The First State," as it was the first state to officially ratify the United States Constitution, consider Delaware as "the first state" you contemplate for your college education. And, if a four-year education isn't something you're looking for, then consider attending one of the 2 year colleges in Delaware. Aside from lower tuition costs and shorter study time, Delaware 2 year colleges offer plenty of interesting and fun opportunities for any and all prospective college students, regardless of career goals and personal interests.

For the truly young at heart...

As a student at Delaware 2 year colleges, you and your buds can go on a pilgrimage to the actual "Fountain of Youth," or so the citizens of Lewes, Delaware believe. It may be bone dry, but the stone fountain is widely accepted to have been found by Dutch colonists in 1631, and of course, to have the powers of prolonging and enhancing the youthfulness of all who come into its presence. In 1937, the city of Lewes even built a wooden shelter over the broken down fountain, claiming it as private property so as to reserve its transformative powers for those who live in Delaware.

Calling all artists...

Check out the cool programs and course offerings at the Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD, Wilmington, DE), designed to effectively teach, train, and prepare you for the competitive world of art and design. You can choose to study animation, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, or photography via studio activities and creative instruction. DCAD is known for encouraging freedom of expression and creativity in it students. For instance, one of the school's illustration classes simply instructed students to come up with an illustration for the phrase, "fall back," as an assignment. With no real guidelines, this enabled them to let their imaginations run wild. Budding artists everywhere can benefit from the innovative teaching techniques available at this 2 year college in Delaware.

For the medically-inclined...

All you natural-born care takers, don't miss your chance to take your skills to another level at this Delaware 2 year college. The Beebe School of Nursing (Lewes, DE), the only Delaware 2 year college to offer accredited RN diploma nursing programs, places great value on the quality of education students receive. You'll graduate with all the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to get your nursing license. Located in the historic, coastal town of Lewes, known as "the first town in the First State," there's plenty to keep you and your fellow nursing majors busy during your free time. Relaxing on the beach, visiting local shops, or enjoying the Cape Henlopen State Park are just a few of the activities you can choose from to occupy your time.

With its rich history and top-notch educational opportunities, this state is definitely worth considering for your continuing education. Find out more about Delaware 2 year colleges today!

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