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Coursework and Community at Illinois 2 Year Colleges

Illinois 2 year colleges are growing in popularity due to the attractive package they offer - a quality, flexible education at an affordable cost. Many students who are uncertain of their career or educational goals opt for 2 year colleges in Illinois instead of more traditional four-year programs. In fact, it's a nationwide trend - there are nearly 1,200 regionally accredited community colleges and enrollment has grown to over 6.5 million students. That's nearly half of the total undergraduates studying in the United States.

Diversity Among Your Peers
One of the most appealing thing about 2 year colleges in Illinois is their open-door admission policy, which allows you flexibility when applying and also ensures that you'll be in the company of a diverse student body.

Career-Oriented Coursework
An Illinois 2 year college can certainly serve the needs of the student would like to do some educational exploring, but is of particular interest to the student who is very focused and career-oriented. Much of the appeal of 2 year colleges in Illinois is the wide array of programs in specific disciplines like automotive technology, physical therapy, nursing, or engineering. Over and over again, studies have shown that job-specific training is one of the main things employees look for when hiring new workers. As a result, it is very common for students at 2 year colleges in Illinois to get hired immediately following graduation.

Academic Stepping Stones
However, for those who use Illinois 2 year colleges as a springboard, the transfer rates are very high as well. Many students experience no problem crossing over from a 2 year college in Illinois to a four-year program to complete their bachelor's degrees. Ultimately this is a smart move financially, since you'll cut your four-year education bill in half, and enjoy the average 2 year education cost at community colleges which is around $3,000.

Giving Back to the Community
Additionally, many students enjoy the local nature of an Illinois 2 year college. To have affordable, high quality educational program available near where you live or work is a luxury that many students couldn't live without. Not only is a 2 year college in Illinois convenient for its local residents, but it also puts an emphasis on supplying the area with trained and educated workers that will go on to play a priceless role in the community. In fact, Illinois 2 year colleges are responsible for training over half the new nurses in communities, as well as nearly 80 percent of the firefighters and law enforcement officers.

Consider attending a 2 year college in Illinois to realize your educational and career goals.

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