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College Programs Provide Opportunity and Experience

When you're considering what college to attend, it's important to look at more than just the classes and majors from which you can choose. You should also acquaint yourself with the various college programs that are offered. Depending on the university, these programs can house a number of different opportunities and experiences.

Study Abroad Programs
Many schools feature study abroad programs for students. With the right GPA and major you can qualify to spend a semester or more at your college's satellite campus abroad, or even at a foreign university. Participation with a study abroad program may provide you with not only a chance at world travel, excitement, and a change of pace, but a less expensive alternative to dorm life as some schools have you stay with host families or rent your own temporary pad, which can often be cheaper than you would pay for a dorm.

And just because you're away doesn't mean you'll miss out on what your school has to offer. Campuses abroad usually have the same classes available as the main campus, only with a foreign twist. Combine this with the close-knit experience of traveling with students who share similar goals and interests, and you're sure to have a great experience.

Interest Specific Programs
Maybe you're not interested in jet setting around the world, in which case you should research the home grown university programs that exist. Some colleges offer programs for students interested in a certain field, such as marine biology or psychology, which then help and support you both in your learning and eventual job search. With interest specific college programs you'll be sure to find the supportive faculty and opportunities for the research, growth and internships that you'll need to succeed.

From large to small, every school has a unique set of college programs that will appeal to you. The key is to do your research early and often, as new university programs are always being established. Also remember that many colleges have joint programs with other institutions, allowing you to enjoy the educational opportunities available on other campuses without paying any additional tuition. No matter where you go there's sure to be a wide selection of university programs to choose from.