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Career Opportunities Abound at Connecticut 2 year Colleges

A common misconception about 2 year colleges is that they're only for students who slacked off during high school, whereas in reality, community colleges are sometimes an even better choice for your continuing education than the typical four-year schools. This, of course, depends on which career you plan on pursuing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are several jobs that only require some form of 2 year degree or certificate. Dental hygienists, physical therapist assistants, registered nurses, and engineering technicians are just a few of the professionals that fall within this category.

Build a Firm Foundation...
Of course, if your heart is set on the more traditional, four-year college education, 2 year colleges are an excellent option for those high school students who cannot get into the college of their choice immediately following graduation due to poor grades, finances, or other issues. Earning your associate degree at a community college allows you the chance to redeem yourself academically, or save up some cash before embarking on the four-year college experience, and it will give you a leg up on your fellow freshmen.

Consider 2 year Colleges in Connecticut...
Students who want to pursue their higher education in the "Constitution State" of Connecticut have numerous opportunities at their fingertips. There are twelve 2 year colleges in Connecticut, and all are known for equipping their students with everything they need to either enter the work force or go on to attend a four-year university following graduation. Students also attend Connecticut 2 year colleges to advance or further their existing degrees, as most community schools offer some form of non-credit courses designed to teach and train those already employed at jobs requiring continuing knowledge of things like computer programs and business management skills.

Receive In-Demand Training and Expertise...
While both the state's four-year undergraduate and 2 year programs often include a number of enriching liberal arts courses, Connecticut 2 year colleges also allow students to focus intensely on one specific area, a form of training that is in high demand in today's work force. For the most part, all employers really want is to hire someone who has the skills needed to get the job done. It is becoming increasingly common for students at 2 year colleges to get hired directly after graduation, rather than first transferring to a four-year program to earn their bachelor's degrees. This makes for a much more affordable and efficient education at 2 year colleges in Connecticut, especially considering that the average total cost for a 2-year education is less than $3,000.

So, if you're considering attending a 2 year college in Connecticut, be sure to do your research and take the necessary steps to enroll in the school that's best for you and your career goals.