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Boarding School Spotlight: Subiaco Academy

Subiaco Academy is a premiere all-boys' Catholic boarding school for grades 8-12 that provides a structured, rigorous college preparatory education. The educational environment at Subiaco Academy is based on Christian values and highlights an utmost respect for one's work, self-discipline, trust, and a motivation to serve others. In fact, the Roman Catholic boarding school, which has long been owned by the religious community of Benedictine monks at the nearby Subiaco Abbey, epitomizes the development of personal talents, while exposing students to the benefits of fraternity, community, and an appreciation of the nature of monastic communities.

The top-notch education program offered at Subiaco Academy prepares students for college-level curriculum, and highlights the importance of diligence in one's studies. Peaceful, focused living is valued at this Arkansas boarding school. It is renowned for being the only Catholic boarding school of its kind in the state, and is comprised of a diverse student body. Almost 50 percent of boys enrolled in the college prep school hail from outside of Arkansas as well as from several foreign countries. According to the schools' Web site, "the mixture of languages, cultures, ideas and experiences is a vital aspect of learning, and a vital aspect of the 'Subiaco Experience.'"

At the cornerstone of the "Subiaco Experience" is the boarding school's rigorous academic program, which presents varied opportunities for students to thrive. Among disciplines of study offered at the college-prep boys' school: English, Spanish, Latin, a summer immersion program in Spain, religion, graphic design, computer programming, economics, civics, World War II, advanced placement mathematics, earth and space, biology, chemistry, instrumental and choral music, art, health, driver's education, and more.

In addition to the educational opportunities within the classroom, all of which are formed by instructors at the top of their fields who are committed to helping shape young minds both in body and spirit, Subiaco Academy also boasts unparalleled club and sports activities. Students at this Arkansas boarding school can be physically challenged on the field or the court of play thanks to Subiaco Academy's baseball, tennis, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, track and field, and football teams. They may also partake in such programs as the art club, Cultural Awareness at Subiaco Academy Club, drama club, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, science club, a film club, student council, and more.

Since 1968, Subiaco Academy has been a member of the North Central Association, which ensures that its reputation for excellence is maintained. Supporting such criteria is Subiaco Academy's residential deans who are dedicated to upholding the safety and the structure that Subiaco Academy is known for. Additionally there is a dedicated faculty who is committed to connecting with students both intellectually and personally, so that Subiaco Academy's atmosphere of collaborative learning, community, and excellence is continually reinforced.