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Boarding School Spotlight: Aspen Education Group

Parenting isn't easy, especially when your child is struggling. But you don't have it face the issues alone -- Aspen Education Group has the resources to help your child and your family succeed. "Our programs are designed to help students with special behavioral needs," says Kristen Hayes, communications director of the Aspen Education Group. "Faculty and staff at these schools are able to give the intensive support and encouragement necessary for a child to get their grades -- and their life -- back on track."

Headquartered in Cerritos, CA, Aspen Education Group, a division of CRC Health Group, has provided education programs for struggling or underachieving young people since the 1980s. Through its network of therapeutic boarding schools, Aspen Education Group offers the opportunity to choose an education setting that best meets your child's unique academic and emotional needs.

The Road to Recovery
The therapeutic boarding schools of Aspen Education Group combine intense clinical intervention with accredited academic programs to create positive change emotionally as well as academically. Some schools treat teens struggling with social and behavioral problems and substance abuse. "Programs that help students struggling with substance or alcohol abuse create the foundation for sustained recovery with an introduction to the 12 Step philosophy, with the intention that the young person can attend local meetings once they return home," says Hayes. "They even research the student's local area to find meetings for them."

Aspen Education Group's therapeutic boarding schools can provide your child with the necessary structure and time to internalize positive change. These education programs foster personal growth and healthy self-expression, inspire academic excellence, and teach individual responsibility and service to others. As a parent, you can participate in quarterly seminars and family resolution conferences in order to build mutually respectful and responsible relationships.

In fact, Aspen encourages family involvement and fosters a strong support network, says Hayes, via its web portals called Parent CheckIn and Family IQ. "Parent CheckIn allows parents to see updated photos and reports from therapists and staff about their child's current progress. The program can also post notices for parents here, and parents have the opportunity to speak with one another in chat rooms. Family IQ is an educational tool for parents, to help them learn new, more effective parenting techniques such as communication skills. Information is in the form of articles, quizzes and webinars."

Learning and Healthy Living

Of course, education is a high priority at all of Aspen's therapeutic boarding schools, whether they are coed or single-sex. Many are top college preparatory boarding schools that provide sophisticated clinical support as well as rigorous education for students preparing for college. Aspen Education Group therapeutic boarding schools are unique in the way they offer high school completion and college preparatory academics in a place where troubled and underachieving teenagers can safely distance themselves from negative peer relationships and other detractors from living a positive life.

Others programs are geared toward adolescents with emotional and motivational problems or learning disabilities. Children who have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, nonverbal learning disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and high-functioning autism can thrive in an experiential learning environment at one of Aspen's therapeutic boarding schools.

Another of Aspen's unique offerings is Wellspring Academies, therapeutic boarding schools for overweight teens and young adults. Students reside on campus and change their lifestyle while continuing their middle school, high school, or college education. At their campuses in California and North Carolina, Wellspring Academies help students combat obesity by transforming their bodies and lives.

Wellspring Academies are not fat camps or obesity surgery. They promote a healthy lifestyle through a low-fat diet program, activity management, and comprehensive cognitive-behavioral therapy. Wellspring Academies are designed by leading researchers and clinicians to maximize long-term behavioral change, which results in substantial and sustained weight loss. The intensive clinical programs provide students with the necessary tools, decision-making skills, and new behavioral strategies to control weight permanently.

Whatever the issue, you can find an exceptional education program for your child at one of Aspen Education Group's therapeutic boarding schools. "For over 20 years," says Hayes, "we've been helping youth rediscover their potential and reuniting families."

-Additional reporting by Dawn Papandrea