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Be Proud at Ohio State Universities

Boasting with quirks, tradition, and spirit, Ohio state universities have much to offer students. Whether you're in or out of state, check out what you can get your hands on in the Buckeye state.

"Ohio This, Ohio That"
Ohio residents don't mean to brag, but how can they not when there are pig statues all around Cincinnati (which has come to be known as "Porkopolist")?! Moreover, Bob Whitcomb, an Ohio resident, can juggle bowling balls. He can even catch three 16-pound balls 62 consecutive times -- how's that for talent!?

Aside from its quirks, Ohio is also rich in history. As a matter of fact, Cincinnati was a major player in the Underground Railroad system of safe houses and hiding places for runaway slaves. The Freedom Center was recently opened commemorating that very fact.

Prior to that, Ohio's history traces back to 1688 when French explorers traveled along the south shore of Lake Erie. After the introduction of European goods, lands were soon plowed and hundreds of towns and cities occupied the state. By the late 18th century, Ohio became an industrial and political force in the United States. This quality remains eminent today -- Ohio is considered a significant political, educational, and social leader.

Bring It On
Enough about history -- Ohio's not only rich in culture and tradition, but Ohio residents (especially students at Ohio universities) have impressive spirit. Regardless of which one of the universities in Ohio you attend, you can be sure you'll be entertained on the field, court, and beyond.

For instance, Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH) has an intense rivalry with the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH). The opposing men's basketball teams from each school respectively duke it out in the "Crosstown Shootout." The rivalry is so intense that fans from Xavier literally paint themselves blue.

And when it's not Ohio-on-Ohio rivalry, you can find athletes of Ohio state universities fending for their schools against outsiders. Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI) and Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), for example, have a long-standing sport feud. In 1968, Ohio State beat Michigan (50-14) during a football game. The legendary coach Bo Schemabechler led the school to victory for the 1968 National Championship. So when Ohio is called upon to do so, they certain "bring it!"

Take it from Kristy
For Kristy Beagle, a senior at Xavier University, her experience at an Ohio school thus far has been stellar. First and foremost, Kristy values the educational benefits that her school provides. "Xavier faculty are there 100 percent for their students," she explains. "Home phone numbers are almost always given. We even call our teachers by their first names most of the time."

Although education comes first, of course, student life is full of possibilities. From quaint coffee shops to the Great Lakes, you can be sure you won't find a dull moment in Ohio. "There are such great hangouts," Kristy says. "The best around my area are Soupies (for those still under 21 years old) and Dana's (if over 21 years old). They've got your nightlife bases covered."

Want to take part in all the pride that Ohio colleges and universities embody? Take that intrigue into your college research and find out everything you can about prospective Ohio universities. Then you'll know what all this Buckeye pride is all about!

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