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Alternative Majors with Accredited College Degrees

I was out with my friends the other night, and I took a poll. The question: What was your major? No surprise there -- my inquiry yielded typical answers from my recent college-grad pals. Two political science, one computer science, two nursing, one marketing, one economics, and a journalism major. Before you know it, people are going to be asking you the same question. Are you going to fall into the "typical major" category -- sociology, English, philosophy? Or, will your answer turn heads and have people wondering what on earth you're studying? Read on about these students who have shocked others with their somewhat rare, yet accredited college degrees.

Accredited University Degrees in Art Therapy
What do you get when you combine psychology with fine arts? A major that entails taking classes in drawing, painting, and pottery, as well as psychology and counseling. And you can get one of these accredited university degrees from many impressive schools in the nation.

When Katherine McCarthy, a junior at Lesley University (Cambridge, MA), tells people she's studying art therapy, she's used to odd reactions. "I usually get the question, 'Do you look at a painting to determine if the artist was in need of therapy?'" she says. "The answer is no."

Art therapy is a discipline used with individuals who can't easily verbalize their thoughts and feelings, such as the hearing impaired or children with autism. "They can express their feelings through art; it's a very therapeutic process," Katherine explains.

And for someone who also wants to help people, Katherine is traveling the right route. After her undergraduate studies, she plans to pursue a master's degree to become a licensed art therapist.

Accredited College Degrees in Equine Studies
Jennifer Wilson, a double-major in equine business management and business administration at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN), plans to some day turn her love of horses into a business.

Although Jennifer wants to attend law school after receiving one of many accredited university degrees, she says she'll always continue to work with horses. "[My education] can help me open and manage my own equine facility," she explains. "I can also pursue a career in animal-related law."

The aspiring lawyer/business owner considers the stable management class to be the most important course in Saint Mary-of-the-Woods' equine program. For academic credit, students working to earn accredited college degrees are assigned a horse to take care of for the year.

Accredited University Degrees in Video Game Studies
Despite what you might think, Lauren Silberman, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI), says an independent major in gaming is not all fun and games.

Sure, Lauren's playing "Madden 2005" with graduate students and a professor, and she even lectured on "Tony Hawk Underground," but her studies also require a lot of hard work -- especially since she's creating her own curriculum for one of the school's accredited college degrees. "I'm planning to take courses related to technology and learning through different methods," explains the self-proclaimed gaming fiend. "I might take some classes in sports like soccer and basketball since there's a correlation between sports and video games."

Lauren's also studying video game theories by reading books on the subject. And, when she and other students play video games, it's not just for fun -- they bounce ideas off each other about how a particular game can help kids, and ways to change and improve it to use it as a learning tool. diagrams.

See? Not only can you earn accredited college degrees in the typical subjects -- art, philosophy, sociology, history, English -- you can also pursue an offbeat subject if the mood strikes you. Accredited college degrees are available for rare studies like those mentioned here and beyond. Do your research and see who offers what you're really interested in. The sky is the limit!