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All Boys Boarding Schools Bring Out the Best

all boys boarding schoolsWhether you're looking for individualized attention, a better chance at success in life, or the discipline necessary to excel, all boys' boarding schools have the features that can get you or your son, there.

Contrary to media portrayals and popular opinion, all boys' boarding schools are not the dark and dank halls of academia. Instead, they can be a place where boys go to grow and learn more about themselves, while improving upon the qualities that they will need for college and for life. Here's a quick rundown of the types all boys schools you'll encounter as you search:

Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Therapeutic all boys' boarding schools are geared towards students who, due to behavioral or emotional problems, are unable to learn within traditional secondary schools. Students who have ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), learning difficulties, and even substance abuse, will find the individualized attention and understanding that they need at therapeutic boarding schools.

College-Prep Boarding Schools
For students who have the potential and the follow-through, all boys boarding schools can be the key that gets them to the Ivy leagues. With small class sizes, top-notch faculty, and opportunities for continued learning (thanks to the post-grad, or PG, year of study offered after graduation) college-prep boarding schools give students the academic creds and know-how necessary to excel.

Religious Boarding Schools

Like their traditional boarding school brethren, religious boarding schools boast the quality academics and personal instruction students can benefit from. They also boast an environment that supports and aides in their spiritual well-being and growth. Religious all boys boarding schools can be found dedicated to such belief systems as, Christianity, Lutheranism, Judaism, Presbyterianism, and the Quaker religion. In addition, being a member of the religion is not always a requirement to attend.

Advantages Over Coed Boarding Schools
Using contemporary research on the different ways the sexes learn as a guide, all boys boarding schools present work and challenge students so that they may be respond in a manner that reinforces their growth as academics and people. For example, it has been shown that while female students prefer to contextualize their lessons, males are better able to concentrate and learn if the teacher stays on the subject at hand.

Differences such as this are taken into consideration at all boys' boarding schools, and are used as tools to help boys excel. That's why, no matter what type of all boys' boarding school you choose, you'll be benefiting from a learning environment that has been uniquely tailored to them.