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All About Christian Boarding Schools

christian boarding schoolsChristian boarding schools are generally a place where students, usually in grades seven to 12, can live and learn within a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. They are taught within the traditions of the religions that govern the respective Christian boarding schools. These are located all throughout the country and usually require some sort of admissions process.

There are a variety of religions that fall under the realm of Christian boarding schools. The one you choose to pursue is completely up to you, taking into account that students will learn based on the particular religion that governs the Christian boarding school. Some of these may include Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, Episcopal, Quaker, and others.

Students at Christian boarding schools may choose to attend for a variety of reasons. It may be that the students desire a more spiritual experience, where they can be around individuals who have similar beliefs. It could also be that the student is not challenged enough in their current program and desire a more challenging experience. Whatever the reason, Christian boarding schools are a place where a group of students may bond and prep for their college careers.

Christian boarding schools are built on a foundation of serving both God and the community. Through a class like Bible study, students learn the history and doctrine of this holy book and can then go apply it in their daily lives through a variety of Christian boarding school activities.

Community service is a large part of the lives of Christian boarding school students and there are many different places where students may choose to complete their community service activities. Students may choose to go on mission trips with their Christian boarding school classes. There are also a variety of non-religious extracurricular activities at Christian boarding schools. Students may choose to partake in activities, such as sports, choirs, and many others.

Christian boarding schools vary in tuition, according to the particular school. However, there are always scholarship and financial aid available for exceptional students and those in need. In order to secure some sort of financial help, students and their parents should work with their respective Christian boarding school.

Religion is important to many people. If it's something students don't think they will be able to access at another boarding school, a Christian boarding school is likely the most logical choice. With a great sense of community, a religious mantra, and a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, Christian boarding school students find they are prepared not only for college but for the world around them.