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All About Boarding Schools

boarding schoolsJust as there are many types of students, there are many types of boarding schools, each specializing in a particular area of education. Learn more about the different types of boarding schools available around the world, and be better equipped to evaluate your own situation.

College prep boarding schools
College-bound students typically attend college prep boarding schools for four to six years, between grades 7 and 12. The curriculum is similar to the traditional high school curriculum, except students get to experience dorm life and independence before college.

Military boarding schools
Military boarding schools follow a military structure and often require uniforms and drill practices. Not necessarily somewhere for troubled teens to get whipped into shape, military boarding schools are college prep boarding schools with rigorous admissions standards.

Therapeutic boarding schools
Therapeutic boarding schools are geared toward students who are having difficulty in a traditional school setting and who may require specific one-on-one attention in an environment that is nurturing, yet challenging. Specifically, students dealing with behavioral or emotional problems, substance abuse, or significant learning differences are welcome at therapeutic boarding schools.

Christian boarding schools
Christian boarding schools are concerned with all aspects of college-bound students' life, character, and intellect. At these college prep boarding schools, students are encouraged to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and grow to understand the importance of a life of service.

All-girls' boarding schools
All-girls boarding schools have a history of educating young women in a challenging yet supportive environment, with comprehensive programs to prepare them for college and for life.

All-boys boarding schools
All-boys boarding schools consist of an academically rigorous curriculum that challenges young men to excel and to serve others.

Co-ed boarding schools
Co-ed boarding schools accept both boys and girls and are committed to the educational and individual needs of each college-bound student.

Junior boarding schools
While traditional boarding schools serve college-bound students grades 7 through 12, junior boarding schools serve Pre-K through eighth grade students, with some only serving ages 8 through 13. Junior boarding schools typically offer day programs in addition to the boarding option.