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A Detroit College is Music to the Ear

You're probably already familiar with Detroit thanks to homegrown music celebs like EMINEM, KID ROCK, and XZIBIT, and rightly so! Michigan's largest city is where Motown Records got its start, and the city continues to boast many big name musicians amongst its denizens. Though attending a college in Detroit, Michigan won't guarantee you a star sighting, it will give you plenty of opportunities for recreation and education. Read on to learn more.

Dancing in the Street
When you consider the longstanding musical roots of Detroit, first as a gathering place for noteworthy jazz musicians in the 1940s and continuing into the new millennium as the birthplace of big-name hip-hop performers, it makes sense that the city would be home to diverse music events. Students at Detroit colleges can attend annual events ranging from the Ford Detroit International Jazz Festival, to the Concert of Colors, to even the DEMF/Movement/Fuse-In electronic music festival.

Root for the Home Team!
If you're a sports enthusiast at a Detroit university, you'll have several sporting events to choose from in your offtime. There are the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, and Detroit Red Wings to root for, as well as the Flagstar Bank/Detroit International Marathon to see. Although the Formula One World Championship is no longer held in Detroit, college students with a need for speed can check out the American Power Boat Association Gold Cup unlimited hydroplane boat race. The business and career-oriented should also check out the various internships that the Detroit Red Wings have to offer.

A Taste of the International at Home
Why settle for going Greek when you can go to Greektown? While other schools only offer you Greek-life in the shape of fraternities and sororities, attending a Detroit college lets you visit the city's famed Greektown, where buildings resemble Greek architectural marvels like the Parthenon, and Greek music and cuisine abound. For students whose hearts lay further south, there's also Mexicantown, which offers restaurants, shops, and more, all infused with Mexican flavor.

Fun for students at Detroit colleges isn't exclusive to the campus but extends throughout the city. Attending a Detroit university allows you to access all of these cool events and sights. And no matter what your taste, the city is sure to have something for you.