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8 Great Reasons to Skip Summer Boarding School

summer boarding schoolsSummer boarding school is not for you and you know it. To help you solidify your decision, we came up with eight great reasons to skip summer school and make sure you learn absolutely nothing between June and September. (Note: Sarcasm ahead!)

1. College prep is a myth.
Don't buy into the college prep myth. It's better to dive in to college without a lot of forethought so you don't overwhelm yourself now. Summer boarding schools are big on college prep, which is code for "big hassle." When you get to college, you'll instinctively know how to handle a full courseload, new roommates, and a heap of responsibility.

2. Cramming for the SAT produces optimum results. 
Summer boarding camps offer serious test prep, but you don't need that kind of stress now. You do your best work on deadline anyway, so it's wise to put off SAT prep until you're up to your ears in college applications. Never do today what you can put off for tomorrow.  

3. Aiming low is a good idea.
Some summer boarding programs offer credit so you can make up for poor performance during the school year. But you can probably get out of high school and into college without those credits, so there's no need to waste your time working for decent grades. Status quo is good enough.

4. Making new friends isn't worth the effort.
There's no point in making connections and developing close relationships with people who live far away in other states or even other countries. You'll have nothing in common with the people you'll meet in a summer boarding program, and you'll probably never see them again, anyway. You have enough Facebook friends already, don't you?!

5. Character building is for wimps.
There's no such thing as learned leadership - you're either born with the gift or you're not. You know who you are and what you're capable of and you don't need a summer boarding program to try to change you. Stick with the hand you were dealt and don't even think about self-improvement.

6. Playing video games is so much better than getting fresh air and a tan.
You've seen the summer boarding camp brochures - they're filled with photos of all sorts of boring outdoorsy stuff like sailing, adventure courses, and horseback riding. Why get all sweaty and healthy when you can vegetate and play video games in your bedroom all summer long, enhancing your joint pain and your pallor? (Don't bother looking up "pallor" -- remember, you're not supposed to be studying for the SAT either, remember!?)

7. Mentors are for the underprivileged.
Teachers are there to stand in front of the classroom between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and leave you alone the rest of the time. They're no fun outside of school, and you certainly don't need more grownups having a say in your life. Summer boarding school teachers can become your lifelong mentors, which sounds like a major waste of time. You can get by just fine on your own.

8. Narrow horizons are best.   
Why expose yourself to new subjects like video production and computer aided design at summer boarding school? You've already got a good idea of what you'll major in when you get to college, so there's no need to complicate your decision with new information. That would lead to confusion and more unnecessary stress.

As you can see, going to summer boarding school would only be an enriching, character-building, horizon-broadening experience. Who needs that?! :)