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13 Celebs Who Earned Their GED

If you have preconceived notions about the GED, forget 'em. When you receive your hard-earned General Educational Development credential, you'll be in great company. Check out this honor roll of celebs who took time out to complete their high school education.

michael j. fox
1. Actor Michael J. Fox went to high school in his native Canada but never finished. After he got married, had kids, and was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he made it a priority to earn his GED.

peter jennings
2. The late ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings earned his GED and then became an active sponsor of scholarships for GED recipients.

wally amos
3. Wally Amos earned his GED while in the U.S. Air Force and later became the founder of Famous Amos Cookies.

bill cosby
4. Comedian and actor Bill Cosby, a well-known advocate for education, earned his GED and later went on to earn his doctor of education degree from the University of Massachusetts.

dave thomas
5. The late Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's, quit school after the 10th grade and later called that the biggest mistake of his life. But he turned his mistake around by earning his GED later on in life.

michael chang
6. Grand Slam champion tennis player Michael Chang earned his GED and is currently attending Talbot School of Theology at Biola University.

christian slater
7. Actor Christian Slater recently earned his GED credential to set a good example for his two young children. He even took a class (with much younger students) to prepare for the battery of tests.

gretchen wilson
8. Country music singer Gretchen Wilson was also inspired by her young daughter to head back to the classroom and earn her GED.

mark wahlberg
9. Despite his troubled teen years and high school dropout status, actor Mark Wahlberg (a.k.a. Marky Mark) later made time to earn his GED.

michelle rodriguez
10. Before she became the actress best known as Ana Lucia on Lost, Michelle Rodriguez earned her GED.

mary lou retton
11. The ever-popular Olympic gold-medaling gymnast and "fitness ambassador" Mary Lou Retton is well-known for earning her GED.

nicholas cage
12. Nicolas Cage left high school early but made earning his GED a priority before he pursued a career in acting.

danica patrick
13. Race car driver Danica Patrick also made sure she earned her GED credential before starting a racing career.