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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
100 E. 27th Street
Austin, Texas 78705

Founded in 1902 in the Presbyterian-Reformed tradition, the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary aims to prepare and educate students for ordained Christian ministry, service and leadership. About 300 students from more than 25 states, 10 nations and 20 denominations are enrolled at APTS. The campus is located in Austin, Texas. Four degree options are offered at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts (Theological Studies), Doctor of Ministry and a dual degree in the Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Social Work.

The dual degree is geared toward students passionate about non-traditional ministries such as agency-based social service, social justice advocacy, policy-oriented ministries and clinical counseling. The program is a collaboration between Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work. Students participating in the APTS Doctor of Ministry program develop a better understanding of theology and polish new skills to help their practice of ministry. Students complete the Doctor of Ministry program in four and a half to six years.

The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary faculty is attentive and accessible. Classes are held in the McMillan Classroom Building, which houses lecture rooms, classrooms, and faculty and administrative offices. An exercise facility is also located in the building.

Quick Facts:

  • Continuing education courses are held in the classroom suite at the McCord Community Center, which also holds a large banquet hall, dining room, the communications laboratory, 10 guest rooms and the offices of the Doctor of Ministry, the College of Pastoral Leaders and Certificate in Spiritual Formation programs.

  • Apartment housing at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary is subsidized, so students can live in one- and two-bedroom apartments with on-site laundry facilities in a nice part of town for a fraction of the standard price. Students can also live in the Currie Hall dormitory.

  • The library at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary contains more than 160,000 volumes with many theological selections. APTS students can borrow books from the libraries at the University of Texas and the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest.

  • The male-to-female ratio at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary is about 50/50. The average age of students at APTS is about 36.
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