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Austin Cosmetology Institute

Austin Cosmetology Institute
2521 Rutland Drive, Suite 500
Austin, TX 78758

Austin Cosmetology Institute, located in Austin, Texas, is a beauty school that provides training programs for students interested in the cosmetology field. Day and evening classes are offered in a variety of programs. Students at the Texas beauty school are offered an education that is grounded in the theory and practice of the cosmetology discipline.

Programs offered at Austin Cosmetology Institute will prepare students to work as cosmetologists, educational instructors, estheticians, beauty consultants and manicurists. The faculty and staff at the Texas beauty school strives to help students to develop their creative potential. Graduates will be well-prepared for state board exams.

Quick Facts

  • Austin Cosmetology Institute offers job placement assistance to its students. Its graduates are qualified and understand the current trends and methods in cosmetology.

  • Austin Cosmetology Institute offers different classrooms for teaching theory and for practical instruction. In addition, the Texas beauty school has a clinical area that is prepared for hands-on training.

  • To gauge students' academic performance, Austin Cosmetology Institute offers a grading system based on how well students do on theory tests, practical exams, graded assignments, clinical work, outlines and workbooks. Students are given progress reports on a regular basis.

  • Prospective students can enroll at Austin Cosmetology Institute on any date that the Texas beauty school is open for business. New classes start every other Tuesday.
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