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Austin Community College

Austin Community College
5930 Middle Fiskville Road
Austin, TX 78752

Austin Community College, a leading community college in Austin, Texas, is changing the lives of thousands of students each year. The Austin Community College District is the eighth-largest single-college, multi-campus community college district nationwide, providing instruction at seven different campuses, nine evening centers, and at several business and community locations. As the primary trainer and retrainer of the Central Texas workforce, Austin Community College has something for everyone who is looking to reach their educational goals.

Austin Community College offers a wide range of academic, professional, technical, and continuing education programs and services from university transfer to workforce training to developmental education and beyond. Students at Austin Community College are able to earn nearly 200 degrees and certificates through credit, noncredit, distance learning, hybrid, and customized training programs.

Austin Community College, like other Texas public colleges and universities, is aiming to reverse the decline in college participation. By participating in the state-mandated initiative, Closing the Gaps, Austin Community College is doing its part to help enroll an additional 630,000 Texans in college by 2015. Austin Community College has seen an increase in enrollment across most ages and ethnicities as well as an increase in financial aid applications and financial assistance awarded. Austin Community College prides itself on being the most affordable accredited higher education institution in Texas. As the preferred path to educational goals, Austin Community College students start here and get there.

Quick Facts:

  • Austin Community College enrolls approximately 33,000 credit students each fall.

  • Over 70% of Austin Community College students take a part-time course load.

  • Almost $32 million is awarded annually to Austin Community College students in the form of grants, loans, work study, and scholarships.

  • From 2004 to 2005 there was nearly a 20% increase in minority student enrollment at Austin Community College.

  • Nearly 44% of students at Austin Community College are male.
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