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Austin College

Austin College
900 N. Grand Avenue
Sherman, Texas 75090-4400

Founded in 1849, Austin College is a private liberal arts institution affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. It sits on a 70-acre campus in Sherman, Texas, about 60 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The school combines well-respected academic programs with lively campus activities and student life. Its academic programs include business administration, Southwestern and Mexican studies, art and art history, communications studies, environmental studies and physics.

Each year about 20 first-years and sophomores are invited to take part in the The Austin College Posey Leadership Institute, which prepares them to take on leadership roles on campus and beyond. Program requirements include an introductory course on leadership, an internship, a Jan Term course, a second-year course on national and international leadership and finally a senior conference on advanced leadership studies.

A new 138,000-square-foot outdoor sports complex will allow Austin College to better accommodate its popular intramural program. About 40 percent of the AC student body participates in the program each year. The facility will include space for lacrosse, soccer, flag football, softball and ultimate Frisbee, along with two well-lit outdoor basketball courts.

Quick Facts:

  • The five-year graduation rate at Austin College is better than 70 percent, beating the national average at public four-year institutions by about 40 percent.

  • Austin College competes at the NCAA Division III level. Varsity athletic offerings include baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, softball, swimming, diving and volleyball.

  • The January Term is a four-week opportunity for students to add variety to their studies, exploring out of the ordinary topics, some of which require travel abroad. Past topics have included Agatha Christie On Screen, the Rock Art of Ancient Texans, Faces of Jesus, Wide Open Writing, Scuba Diving and Sleep and Dreams.

  • Close to three-quarters of Austin College students participate in its study abroad program. Destinations include England, Australia, China, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

  • A historical note: Austin College was the first college in Texas to offer a graduate degree.

  • AC operates a 30-acre Lake Campus overlooking Lake Texoma. It is used for recreational outings, retreats, meetings and camping.

  • Austin College received a $113,000 grant to improve campus safety using both high-tech and low-tech means to react to any security threat.
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