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Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute

Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute
4268 Canton Highway
Marietta, GA 30066

Located in Marietta, Georgia, Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute trains students to become successful professional hypnotherapists. The Georgia career school works with the Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic to provide a quality, hands-on training program. Students are taught by experienced hypnotherapy instructors.

Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute offers specialty classes and 500 hours of training. The courses in the hypnotherapy program are composed of five 100-hour segments. After each segment, students at the Georgia career school are awarded a diploma for completing that particular course.

The training program at Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute is two semesters long. The semesters take 18 weeks to finish. In addition to lecture-style study, the classes involve practice and live demonstrations. Subjects in the program include massage unit concept, mind model, somnambulism and various stages, self hypnosis, compulsive behavior, hypnosis and dentistry, dream therapy, fears and phobias, substance abuse, guilt, forensic hypnosis and handwriting as a diagnostic approach.

Quick Facts

  • Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute is authorized by the Post-secondary Education Commission of Georgia.

  • Fields of expertise and success of Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute include stress, weight, smoking, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, insomnia, habit control and personal problems.

  • Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute offers flexible class schedules. Day and evening schedules are available as well as on-line courses.

  • Since 1998, the State of Georgia has recognized the Georgia career school as a School of Hypnotherapy.

  • Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute offers the Hypnotherapy Clinical Operational Intern Program to qualified students. This program allows students to build clientele, learn office procedures, and practice their craft in practice sessions.
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