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Atlanta Metropolitan College

Atlanta Metropolitan College
1630 Metropolitan Parkway SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

Atlanta Metropolitan College is a two-year school offering associate degrees in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta Metropolitan College is part of the State University System of Georgia.

Atlanta Metropolitan College offers degree programs in more than 40 areas of study. Students at Atlanta Metropolitan College can major in one of the following areas: business, math and computer sciences; humanities and fine arts; natural science; or social sciences. All students, no matter their major take a core curriculum, which includes the following courses: essential skills (9 hours); institutional options (4 hours); humanities and fine arts (6 hours); science, mathematics and technology (11 hours); social science (12 hours); and 18 hours of courses related to their program of study. Students can earn degrees in the following programs: Associate of Arts: art; English foreign language; general studies; music option I, II and III; speech option I and II. Associate of Science: African America studies; biology; business administration; business education; chemistry; computer information systems; computer science; criminal justice; general studies; health information management; health and physical education; history; mathematics; office administration; physics; political science; pre-engineering technology; pre-dental; pre-nursing; pre-engineering; pre-medical technology; pre-physical therapy; pre-occupational therapy; psychology; recreation; social work; sociology; teacher education (general; middle school grades and secondary education.

Students may also earn a degree in applied sciences: accounting; business administration; computer programming option I and II; computerized office management; recreational leadership and human services. Certificate programs include automated office management and criminal justice. Prospective students wishing to enter Atlanta Metropolitan College must have a high school diploma or a GED.

Atlanta Metropolitan College is located in the southwest area of the city and is accessible by public transportation. The college is especially convenient for commuter and non-traditional students and offers evening, weekend and online courses. Atlanta Metropolitan College has a men's basketball team that plays in a stat-of-the-art 3,500-seat gymnasium.

Quick Facts:

  • Atlanta Metropolitan College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  • Atlanta Metropolitan College's Red Eye Panthers compete on the two-year college level in men's basketball. Women have the option of joining the cheerleading squad or the dance team.

  • There are a variety of financial aid programs available to students who wish to attend Atlanta Metropolitan College, including state and federal student loans and grants, and scholarships.

  • There are nearly 20 activities, student organizations and clubs in which students at Atlanta Metropolitan College can become involved.
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