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Athens Institute of Massage

Athens Institute of Massage Therapy
485 Huntington Road, Suite 170
Athens, GA 30606

Located in Athens, Georgia, the Athens Institute of Massage Therapy educates and trains future medical massage therapists. The training received at the Georgia school is high-quality and innovative. Students learn the foundations of spa massage and Swedish massage as well as get trained in international techniques.

The curriculum at Athens Institute of Massage Therapy combines courses in craniosacral therapy, Australian Bowen therapy and applied kinesiology. Students at the Georgia massage school are offered the information and training they need to successfully enter the field of massage therapy.

Quick Facts

  • The academic director of Athens Institute of Massage Therapy is Dr. Heather Koeppel, D.C., F.I.A.C.A. She has 20 years of experience and was a former instructor at the Upledger Institute.

  • To apply to Athens Institute of Massage Therapy, prospective students need to submit an application, send a copy of a high school diploma, a letter from a doctor attesting current health conditions and a copy of a resume or work history.

  • Athens Institute of Massage was founded in 2006 and is authorized by the State of Georgia. Prior to its founding, students in Athens had to travel to Atlanta to study massage therapy.

  • Graduates of Athens Institute of Massage are qualified to take national boards, and they can apply for a license to practice in the state of Georgia.
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