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Atelier Esthetique

Atelier Esthetique
386 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10016

Located in New York City, New York, Atelier Esthetique is a licensed beauty school that is committed to preparing students for a successful career in the esthetics field. Instructors at the New York esthetics school are licensed by the New York State Department of Education and give students the hands-on training and the personalized attention needed for successful esthetics careers.

Atelier Esthetique offers both full-time and part-time enrollment for their 600-hour esthetician licensure program. The full-time option is a 16-week day program that prepares students to take the New York state examination. The part-time option meets at night. Students at the New York esthetics school learn about skincare, business practices and retailing, hair removal, color theory and waxing.

New classes are offered every two months. The average class size at Atelier Esthetique is 20 students. Graduates of the New York esthetics school can work in a number of occupations, including medical esthetician, cosmetics buyer, make-up artist, beauty editor, esthetics instructor and cosmetic researcher.

Quick Facts

  • Atelier Esthetique is the first school in the state of New York to offer a 360-hour advanced/paramedical esthetics program. Students enrolled in this program learn about chemical exfoliation, aromatherapy, spa management and microcurrent technology.

  • Students of the New York esthetics school have been very successful in finding work after graduation. The placement ratio of Atelier Esthetique is 92 percent. The pass rate for the New York board exam is 98 percent.

  • Atelier Esthetique also offers a 75-hour waxing specialist license program for students interested in becoming waxing specialists.

  • Advanced, specialty courses are offered for licensed estheticians. Classes at Atelier Esthetique include advanced delivery systems, detoxifying body treatments, director or department head training, advanced esthetics brush-up course and training to become a spa manager.
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