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Ashland Institute of Massage

Ashland Institute of Massage
280 East Hersey Street, Suite A-8,
Ashland, Oregon

Founded in 1988, Ashland Institute of Massage offers a 650-hour program of courses designed to prepare students for careers as professional massage therapists. Their program is geared for people interested in learning the foundations of massage therapy while increasing their own personal awareness. Ashland offers a small-school environment in a gorgeous locale in the Rogue Valley, Oregon. The Ashland Institute of Massage is licensed by the Oregon Department of Education as a vocational school and is certified by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists and the Washington State Department of Health

Ashland Institute of Massage is one of the premier massage schools in Oregon. They celebrate more than two decades of providing massage therapy training and producing well-trained massage therapists. Their program trains students through superior academic preparation, hands-on instruction, and a high level of individual attention due to the school's small size. The program integrates human science (anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology) and the techniques of massage with professional and clinical experience. Students gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of both relaxation & therapeutic massage, an awareness of energetic and Eastern approaches to bodywork, and an enhanced understanding of self.

 Hands-on classes emphasize a clinical approach to massage therapy with classroom experience in clinical assessment and treatment skills essential.

Ashland Institute of Massage has two programs available, a six-month intensive and a ten-month evening/weekend program. The intensive program approximately 32 hours per week in class and generally, 20-30 hours per week outside of class time for homework, massage practice and study. The ten-month program has class time averages of 17 hours a week. In both courses, students are introduced to Eastern and energetic approaches to bodywork, so that they understand that traditional Western approaches to massage may not serve all clients or practitioners. Students are encouraged to keep practicing and take courses in continuing education following their completion of massage school.

Quick Facts

  • The Ashland Institute of Massage's vision is "to educate hands, heart, and head for a holistic integration of Self and skills."

  • In 2006, Ashland Institute of Massage graduates had a 97% passage rate on the Oregon practical exam, compared to a state average of 85%. AIM graduates had a 100% passage rate on the National Certification Exam.

  • Ashland's massage students come from all over the United States. The majority of students are from Oregon, with students from Maine, Vermont, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, and Washington among other states.

  • Oregon requires that massage therapists receive 25 hours bi-annually of continuing education. Ashland offers three cycles (Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall.) per year of continuing education in a variety of techniques and on issues related to massage therapy.

  • The school is located in Ashland, Oregon, a quaint town of 20,000, in the southern Rogue River Valley at the confluence of the Klamath, Siskiyou, and Cascade mountain ranges. The school is 14 miles from the California border.

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