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Arlington School of Massage

Arlington School of Massage
Jacksonville, Florida

Out of its Florida location, Arlington School of Massage offers training in a massage therapy program that can be completed in as little as six months. The school promotes the ideals of holistic health and how massage works in the healing arts. The goal of the school is to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum so that they graduate with the knowledge and proficiency to pass the state licensing exam which in needed to practice in the state of Florida.

The curriculum involves courses in anatomy & physiology, Basic Massage Theory& Clinical Practical, Florida Statutes & Rules and History of Massage, Allied Modalities, and AIDS/HIV education. Coursework also includes education in Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure, Aroma Therapy, Sports Massage, Flexibility, Exercise, Psychology of Massage, and Electro Therapy. The total course hours equal 601. Arlington School of Massage also offers a course in Personal Training. Courses include classroom instruction as well as practical demonstrations.

The school's instructors provide career counseling to help plan a students' career goals and job search. They offer advice on marketing strategies to help students build a client base, how to make effective business cards and promotional material, and maintain current lists of opportunities in the field. Day time and evening classes are available with flexible hours. The school accepts transfer students for Florida licensing and accepts qualified students for self study.

Quick Facts

  • The French are credited with bringing the techniques of massage to the western world from the Greek and Chinese cultures.

  • Arlington School of Massage offers state-of-the-art training in massage and bodywork therapies and place an emphasis on their career placement program.

  • Graduates in massage therapy can find employment opportunities in sports massage, deep tissue massage, clinical massage, spa/resort, corporate chair massage, private practice, the medical field, infant massage, pregnancy massage, rehabilitation, health and wellness centers, and geriatric massage.

  • Coursework also involves study in the Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy where students learn the basics of the application of hot and cold therapies.

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