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Arlington Baptist College

Arlington Baptist College
3001 West Division Street
Arlington, Texas 76012

Located on a 35-acre campus in the western section of Arlington not far from Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington Baptist College confers bachelor's of science degrees in more than 10 areas of study and a bachelor's of arts degree in biblical languages. Arlington Baptist is one of more than a dozen institutions of higher education in the culturally rich region. Supported by the World Baptist Fellowship, Arlington Baptist College helps provide educational outreach opportunities for the local churches that form the organization. Arlington Baptist is an accredited member of The Association for Biblical Higher Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Academics and faith are intertwined in all the degree and certification programs at Arlington Baptist College, ensuring a full educational experience and deeper knowledge of the Baptist tradition of worship. Degree programs are academically rigorous, but practical service and character building also are significant parts of learning at Arlington Baptist College. Courses at Arlington Baptist are offered through three divisions: biblical and theological studies, general studies, and professional studies. Additionally, teacher preparation programs allow students to become certified to teach social studies, music, science, English, language arts, and reading at various grade levels.

Notable campus facilities include the J. Frank Norris Memorial Auditorium, the Earl K. Oldham Library and the Student Union. The J. Frank Norris Memorial Auditorium serves many purposes. Able to hold more than 3,000 people, it is the biggest building on campus. The Earl K. Oldham Library houses more than 30,000 volumes of books and other printer materials, as well as various audio, video and electronic media. Three audio-visual rooms are located on the second floor, along with an 80-seat seminar room, a conference room and a computer lab. The hub of the campus is the Student Union, where friends meet to dine, study and fellowship with friends.

Quick Facts:

  • Arlington Baptist College was founded in 1939 as the Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute.

  • Supervised on-campus housing is available to 150 students. The two residences--Lillian Norris Hall for women and Tommy Masters Hall for men--accommodate 150 students. Suites include two rooms and a shared bath area. Laundry facilities are on the premises.

  • Online Bible certificate courses offered by Arlington Baptist College include surveys of the Old and New Testaments, Bible study methods and a course on Genesis.

  • Students in the Biblical Languages program learn the principles of Biblical interpretation and language studies and must demonstrate knowledge of grammar of the original languages of the Bible.
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