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Arlington Academy Cosmetology Career Center

Arlington Academy
Cosmetology Career Center

1300 W. Dundee Road

Buffalo Grove, IL

Incorporated in 1972, Arlington Academy Cosmetology Career Center, has been training students for careers in cosmetology in the greater Chicago area for more than three decades. They offer a 1500-hour cosmetology course, full or part-time with evening and daytime classes. Arlington Academy prides themselves on their strong community ties and long-standing relationships with hundreds of salon owners which helps provide career opportunities for graduates. Students gain the expertise to become as stylists, color artists, salon owners, platform artists, theatrical and movie artists, and industry representatives.

The fundamentals of Arlington Academy's education involve learning the highest standards of traditional salon practices as well as learning trends in order to grow in the industry. The school offers hands-on TRENDS electives including workshops in topics such as razor cutting, advanced foiling, color formulations, advanced facials, customized make-up, and stage make-up. Arlington Academy teaches Milady, the number one curriculum recommended by the Illinois State Board Licensing agency.

The school pride themselves on providing state-of-the-art, yet affordable training. The 1500-hour program costs less than $8,000. The school also operates a clinic that offers a wide variety of services to clients while providing students with hands-on skill training as well as experience perfecting their client relationships.

Quick Facts

  • Classes begin every 8 weeks with flexible day and evening schedules offered.

  • The school's clinic caters to over 400 clients weekly.

  • Arlington Academy is a Bioelements Partnership Spa and a Redken SES Member School.

  • Operating for nearly 40 years, thousands have graduated from Arlington Academy and are successfully employed at all levels in the industry. The large student enrollment and expansive clinic clientele allow the school to keep tuition affordable.

  • The schools pass rate at the State Board consistently averages 100%.

  • High school students can take the Academy's evening program and graduate cosmetology school before high school graduation.

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