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Arkansas State University-Newport

Arkansas State University-Newport
7648 Victory Boulevard
Newport, AR 72112

Arkansas State University-Newport (ASUN) is proud to be a vital force, both educationally and economically, in Newport, Arkansas, and the surrounding regions. Arkansas State University-Newport has experienced tremendous growth and development over the past five years and has continued to meet the diverse needs of its students and society as a whole. Arkansas State University-Newport strives to make lifelong learning a possibility for everyone.

Arkansas State University-Newport is a great place to start one's higher education. Whether students are pursuing professional certification, general education requirements, vocational training, or an associate degree, ASUN has the programs they need to reach their goals. And, Arkansas State University-Newport aims to make higher education affordable for all learners by offering reasonable tuition rates as well as several opportunities to receive some form of financial aid. Additionally, some students at this Arkansas community college qualify for the Career Pathways program that provides assistance for everything from tuition and fees to child care to transportation and so much more.

Arkansas State University-Newport offers top quality education in an environment where students come first. The dedicated faculty and staff at ASUN make learning a reality. Goals are obtained and dreams are fulfilled at Arkansas State University-Newport. This Arkansas community college is excited to help both traditional and non-traditional students improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and develop their awareness as they become responsible, contributing members of our global society.

Quick Facts:

  • The Arkansas State University-Newport financial aid office has over half a dozen scholarships available to students.

  • There are no charges for tuition and books for the Adult Basic Education, General Adult Education, and English as a Second Language courses on the ASUN campus.

  • Nearly 20 Newport businesses give discounts on products and services to Arkansas State University-Newport students.

  • Arkansas State University-Newport recently added the Commercial Pilot Training program to its many program offerings.
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