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Arkansas College of Massage

Arkansas College of Massage
945 Carson Cove, Ste. 102
Conway, Arkansas

Arkansas College of Massage (ACOMT) offers training programs for students to become a professional and successful Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) as well as provide continuing education credits for existing body workers. They offer 7 or 11-month programs with day or night-time classes to fulfill the 600-hour curriculum. Each program includes special events on weekends. The Arkansas College of Massage Therapy is licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy to teach 600 hours of the art and science of massage therapy. All instructors are qualified Massage Therapy Instructors (MTI), Master Massage Therapist (MMT), or have been selected because of advanced credentials within their field of study and practice.

The curriculum at ACOMT encourages students to study bodywork as it applies to athletics and human performance. It is based on the opinion that if a bodyworker can understand and work with the physical stresses placed upon the athlete; the physical stresses placed upon the average human are easier to understand. ACOMT measures the schools success on how many graduates meet their goals. To achieve this, the school's programs emphasizes the total business of bodywork, including study of marketing and running a successful practice of massage therapy.

The intent of this massage school is to teach students to strengthen the bridge between bodywork and modern medicine by training students to work in physical therapy units, family practice clinics, and chiropractor's offices as LMTs. ACOMT's educational programs also address the growing demand for spa treatments by offering training techniques such as hot stone massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, salt rubs and hydrotherapy.

Quick Facts

  • The course fee for the 600 hour program including tuition and books is $4,900.

  • The course involves classwork as well a 50 hour clinical externship under a certified MTI.

  • The Swedish Massage class teaches classic Swedish techniques including draping and other procedures to ensure clients a safe and therapeutic experience. This class is the basis for all other hands-on styles taught at the school.

  • Director and owner Michael Barden has been a massage therapist for more than 20 years and has a master's degree in physical education based on 48 years of personal athletic experience, 18 years of coaching swimming and eight years of teaching.

  • All instructors at ACOMT are qualified Massage Therapy Instructors (MTI), Master Massage Therapist (MMT), or have advanced credentials within their field of study and practice.

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