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Arizona School of Integrative Studies

Arizona School of Integrative Studies
701 South Broadway
Clarksdale, AZ

Founded in 1996, the Arizona School of Integrative Studies offers programs to train students to become massage therapists and body workers and be able to treat patients for pain and disease. They offer two main programs; the Arizona and Illinois massage, both of which offer full-time, intensive training that meet the minimal requirements for licensure under which graduates will be eligible to sit for the national certification exam. They have a number of campuses; three locations in Illinois, one in Sedona/Verde Valley, one in Prescott, Arizona, and a study in India program. The school also offers individual classes such as sports massage, peri-natal massage, and certification programs.

Staff at ASIS True Mantra work so that students have the space and education necessary to treat patients in terms of their lifestyle and the psychological patterns that may cause their pain and disease. ASIS offers a full-time, transpersonal training program in a retreat-like environment to promote deep learning. The program explores massage from a wide variety of modalities incorporating human anatomy with physiology and hydrotherapy to heighten a practitioner's sensitivity to the human soul. These modalities blend eastern and western philosophies and deep and light touch so that students can choose their healing approach and be free from any dogma.

Each individual uses a blend of kinesthetic, audio, and visual tools in their learning process. Classes are small and teachers bring decades of experience in bodywork and facilitation. They encourage a collective teaching approach so that both teachers and students learn from each other. Classes involve both hands-on and non-hands portions. Students learn massage skills as well as technical skills, tactile sensitivity, compassionate presence and theoretical understanding. A substantial portion is devoted to the study of Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Palpation of the human body, Hydrotherapy and Communication Skills. Introductory classes explore nutrition, herbology and homeopathy as healing arts. The curriculum also include life skills, CPR, First Aid, business practices, ethics, and law.

Quick Facts

  • Massage as a treatment promotes circulation of blood, lymphatic flow, muscular relaxation, a greater base in standing and moving, and increased sensory awareness.

  • The school is dedicated to "the path of world peace, compassion to all living beings, and to honesty".

  • ASIS offers teacher training programs and yoga teacher certifications.

  • ASIS (now ASIS True Mantra) was originally located in the Healing Arts Center in Old Town Cottonwood. It is now situated on nine acres of high desert overlooking the Verde River and the Sycamore Canyon.

  • According to the AMTA, in 2004, 23% of massage therapists worked in healthcare and more than 50% of practitioners work as independent therapists.

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