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Arizona Institute of Reflexology

The Arizona Institute of Reflexology provides a home-study program and holistic education in the Whysong method of reflexology created by Master Helen Whysong, a certified Master Reflexologist and a board-certified reflexology instructor. The Whysong Method is a patented training program that uses linking techniques to affect anatomy functions through gentle manipulations and Japanese pressure point techniques to work with the zones and meridians of the body that enhance energy flow. The institute is an established educational institutions that is accredited with the Natural Therapies Certification Board.

Home-study course are offered in Reflexology, Anatomy, and Business. Students gain instruction in Whysong Method Reflexology and Sciatic Nerve Pain, Whysong Hand Reflexology, Whysong Method Reflexology for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the foundation for Anatomy & Pathology as well as course in accounting and the business of creating a successful holistic health practice. The goal the Whysong Reflexology's program is to provide superior reflexology education in order to increase the knowledge of healthcare professionals.

Computer access is required for this home study course and students learn through textbooks, workbooks, and DVDs. After the first course in Silver Reflexology, students can take classes in their order of preference. After completing 200 Whysong hours of classroom training beyond home study with passing grades and receiving a Statement of Completion from Master Helen Whysong students are eligible to receive the Natural Therapies Board Certification.

Quick Facts

  • The Natural Therapies Certification Board certifies qualified quantum therapists, nutritionists, aromatherapists, herbalists, reflexologists and other natural therapists according to strict industry standards and in compliance with a professional code of ethical conduct.

  • Reflexology is a form of holistic and complementary therapy that works on the feet in order to heal the whole body by restoring the body's natural balance.

  • Classroom instruction involves a review of history, observation, basic reflexology feet map, theory and application of foot reflexology. Students are viewed for their hands-on ability and signed off for the skills learned in the classroom.

  • Master Helen Whysong operates her own private practice and performs house calls out of the Institute's Mesa, Arizona location.

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